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The Nordic Soda Company is a small company that wants to do great things. Our drinks are of high quality, with organic ingredients and always with the heart in the first place. We do what feels good.  Together with our brands The Dirtwater Fox Brewery and Ekobryggeriet, we are ready to take over the world. In a humble way, of course. Hey ho, let's go!


We only produce organic tonic, soft drinks and popsicles.
Anything else is illogical.

A third to the world

The things we do, we do it with the heart in mind. Therefore we donate one third of our profits to social and environmental improvement projects through the motto "A Third to the World".

Our brands

An organic cool soda

The Fox is a cunning and wise animal who chooses his own path. We thought about that when developing The Dirtwater Fox Brewery. We removed all dyes and preservatives. The result has become an organic, confident and different drink with a sense of what the consumer appreciates.

Premium tonic with the taste of Swedish Forest

Have you ever known the taste of the Swedish forest? Ekobryggeriet offers Sweden's leading organic premium tonic with a broad range of flavours. The tonic is produced in the most beautiful factory we have seen, at Österlen in Sweden. 

About us


"humble brag".

We call ourselves dreamers. We aim for the sky.  The beverage journey started with three guys from Norrköping who wanted to challenge the soft drinks giants with a better soft drink, which also was organic. Three years later, The Dirtwater Fox Brewery has established throughout Sweden and has become a favourite among both children and adults. A dream of an organic premium tonic was born. Two years later, Ekobryggeriet is the obvious choice of drink mix among both bartenders and amateur chefs. We are a company with huge passion and ambition. Don't underestimate the crew from Norrköping, is all we have to say!


Latest news


Vi söker: Produktchef!

Just nu söker vi efter en briljant produktchef till Copper Street Innovation AB. Känner du dig träffad? Läs mer och skicka in din ansökan här!


Vi söker: Produktutvecklare!

Just nu söker vi efter en briljant produktutvecklare till Copper Street Innovation AB. Känner du dig träffad? Läs mer och skicka in din ansökan här!


Most sold in Sweden!

Compared to our competitors, we have the most market shares in the fast-moving consumer goods in Sweden, in the premium tonic category. In three years, we have become the biggest in Sweden*. We are very proud of that. And over the last rolling full year, we’re number two in order.** Can we be the most sold in the world? It remains to be seen. Read more at ekobryggeriet.se/en/!



NEW: Vanilla Pear!

In a mix of pear and vanilla, the taste reminds us of Venice, milkshakes and diners. Playful, fresh and tasteful - we firmly believe that the new taste will qualify for the list of favourite Fox. It's already ours, is all we have to say...


NEW: Cucumber!

We are so excited to present this amazing tonic - with the taste of cucumber! Fresh with a hint of sweetness, perfect as a drink mix or to drink as it is. We think it's one of our best tonics so far.  Serve cold!

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